vari audio

Ok guys i have a question in which i hope you can answer…

this is the scenario. I sing a wav into a track and as im no tenor its a tad out of tune at times =0) so i opt for a little vari audio.

Now on my old c5 this seemed fairly straight forward its would pitch ok and quantize audio etc and all the functioned seemed to work totally fine. ( i watched a huge you tube tut on it )

Now on c7 again everything seems to be fairly straight forward apart from one small issue.

Ok once you have hit the vari audio and then pitch and warp you get what looks like a list of midi strikes as in piano roll… thats ok, however. When i drag a note up or down i get no sound. Yet when i play the wav its all fine. I have clicked the moniter button and nothing. When i import samples into the alt-p pool you can audition them before clicking ok so it cant be the same as that audition. Its purely on vari audio when moving the vocal pitch up and down. In short its doing it blind (or deaf ) you cant see or hear if its correct…

help please… theres not much on it on you tube,. The manual doesnt help nor do the lessons and tuts and steinberg themself are taking years to get back to me…

regards and thanks in advance i hope maybe this time i can get some helpful comments from you guys and not atract the nasty people

I have exactly the same problem, in fact even using the play icon on the transport tool produces no sound.

If I switch over to 6.5 Variaudio works flawlessly.

I read the manual and made sure Acoustic Pitch Feedback was turned on but it still didn’t make any difference.

Unless someone knows of a hidden fix for this then it’s definately a bug!

I just checked the group for reporting bugs and someone suggested to check the Control Panel settings. I noticed that there was nothing configured for my Stereo Out, configured that… and Bingo! In previous versions of Cubase I’ve never had to do this, you’d think that this minor config could be detected automatically during setup.

@ roofus Where exactly did you go to correct this? I went into preferences and dont see many options for variaudio. Thanks!

Hit F4 and go to Control Room, turn it on and create a stereo out.