Vari-speed audio tracks - is this possible?

One of the things I loved about analog recording was the ability to use a Variable Speed Oscillator to play with and/or mutate the recorded pitches at will.
My question is: is there anything within Cubase that would allow for the same type of effect, where I could take my recorded audio track and manipulate the speed as though I’m twisting a knob to achieve it?

If anyone has the answer, someone here always comes through - which is why I love Cubase so much! Thanks!

You would have to control the tempo track, but it is possible.

Sadly not available from a knob via Quick Controls…it has been asked for many times before but sadly we still don’y have it.

Controlling the tempo track is not a problem - I’m going to test that out. Thank you so much! :smiley:

Well, please consider this one more request for that feature. I may have come upon a solution (although it may need an app to make it happen) - bulletins as they are discovered!

+1 +1 +1
I also requested this feature!

Logic X has it.
(They did a great job, as it includes converting and transposing any virtual instrument parts too)
It was a big reason (1 of like 4 features) I actual left Cubase to Logic X for.

…but unfortunately Logic X has major flaws in the recording engine I couldn’t get past. So I’m back to Cubase.

Technically I think Cubase would support something like a Variable External Clock. So you could have like an Apogee Big Ben or something that would provide variable sample rate. I starting looking into that, however quickly realized my Apollo only supports set rates (44.1 48 etc) and doesn’t allow external clocking in between those.

…Meanwhile I’m sure well get something like 256 Aux Sends upgraded to 512 Aux sends! or something like that way before a greatly more creative tool like this would be. But well see? They did surprise me with the great ‘Sampler’ tool that appeared recently. Bread and butter stuff.

UPDATE: I found something that works quite well it’s called Little Alter Boy, and is available from Soundtoys - and it works perfectly with Cubase! Glad to know somebody thought of a solution!

Not exactly sure how that is a solution?
That plugin adds major artifacts which are not present when just slowing or speeding audio which is essentially lossless.

I understand where you’re coming from. Even in analog world, a VSO will introduce artifacts into the track, especially when slowing it down (last time I tried this, a high-pitched sort of “whine” would appear over the root sound). I’m sure there’s a technical term for this occurrence which I confess to not knowing; however, for the purpose I had in mind at the time for the part in question, it did what I needed.
Is it perfect? Of course not. But until someone comes up with a workable plugin that will work better, it’s all that there is for this effect. If you are aware of one that will do the job, your assistance will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks for your input!

Sure. Yeh but an analog VSO wobbling sounds infinitley more interesting to me than some 1s and 0s crapping out the high frequencies.

I just wanted to add to this conversation that the assumption this feature already exists in Cubase but just isn’t simple is INCORRECT.
The élastique Tape algorithm (which can do this effect) does not appear to be lossless and adds artifacts to the sound.

I compared elastique tape last night doing a simple pitch change (without tempo compensation, which is just re-sampling)…and it sounded a lot different.

Let’s hear the result. I’m under the impression that the elastic-pro tape algo is perfectly smooth, and only changes the playback speed of the file.

Here’s one using tempo change on a file of orchestral music that I munged as a test, very rich and complex sound. (1.16 MB)

Hm, I’m not sure if that is what you want, but you can actually really varispeed cubase easily by changing the sample rate externally. RME offers that on some cards, you need to use the RME control panel for that. You can do +/- 5% there if I remember right. Or use an adjustable external clock, then your converters will be the limit (at a point they might not accept a too different sample rate any more and mute). That’s one of the things the defunkt Steinberg Timebase device could do… That way you can varispeed cubase like a tape machine :slight_smile:


I´m not shure if this is what you looking for ; But I use this vst to change both pitch and tempo:

TcStretch is a Windows VST 2.4 plug-in for time stretching, pitch shifting, and blurring. Time stretch can be up to 1 million times slower. Pitch shift is plus or minus one octave. Blurring blends nearby spectral material to make the output less static.

best of all ; it´s free.