Variable panning on single Audio Track in Cubase Pro 8.5

Hello All,

Cubase is my favorite and I am a newbie. I wanted to know, If we record a Mono Audio Track, how to get variable panning on that single track so that I get Stereo effect. For example, on the same single track, the voice should get audible starting from left side in the beginning and then it should be more audible on right hand side. Please help me with this. Thank you in advance. All the best to everyone.

Hello All,

I think I found the solution for variable panning for a single track to get more stereo effect. :smiley: We need to select the track we want to edit and select the Inspector on the left hand side, then we need to go to Fader option and highlight the Read and Write Automation in the Fader option on the left hand side and also on the selected track option and change the panning according to our requirement. Then, we need to select read automation on the selected tract while exporting it to a WAV or other audio format. Please inform me if we have much better option. Thank you.

You can also edit existing automation or simply draw the automation in the first place using the automation lane.

Hover the mouse over the track list on the far left just under the icon for track type and the show/hide automation arrow will appear. You can also right click and show used automation if you already recorded some. If you haven’t recorded anything it will open by default to volume and you’ll need to select pan.