VariAudio 2 clicks

When I correct/quantize pitch with VA 2 (not something I do very often, fortunately), I sometimes get audible clicks on the rendered audio. Is this normal? Are you guys experiencing the same problem? This forces me to export the track to a .wav file, fix it with Izotope RX (standalone) and then re-import it. In other words, a major hassle. The really absurd thing is that I cannot use RX as a plugin because Cubase tells me that it would completely reset all the VA 2 edits (I tried, and it did exactly that.)

P.S. This cannot be a hardware/buffer issue, because the clicks are only on the VA 2-corrected clips.

There are some issues with va2. helge mention a fix in 7.04 update

If you are talking about clicks between two segments after pitch correction, it is a known issue.

Read here:

The (temporary) work-around is smoothing the transitions with the anchor and tilt tools. That is working for me. I thought I have read somewhere this would be solved in the upcoming 7.0.4, but I am not sure about this.

Anyway - for me the work-around is doable, because I do not use pitch correction that much. I can imagine it is annoying if you have to do a lot of pitch correction (at the other hand - if you have to do that much correction it is better to re-record the clip).

Yep, looks exactly like the issue brought up in the thread you linked to. Unfortunately at the moment I’m working on old recordings by a folk singer who’s been dead for at least two decades, so any chances of new “takes” are very unlikely. Unless, maybe, if you know a medium who can help me… :laughing: She was a great singer but strictly the “oral tradition” type whose pitch wasn’t exactly sharp as a tack. And unfortunately I need to “resurrect” her and have her sing with an instrumental accompaniment. As you can imagine, major VA 2 work is needed. Maybe I’ll have to buy Melodyne for the remaining songs…

I read about the work-around, but it looks like my own work-around, as inconvenient as it seemed, is actually faster. RX can de-click an entire track in 20 seconds or so and the results on automatic are usually pretty good (manual work none to minimal.)

if you are going to use vari-audio, why not do the edits, then flatten realtime processing. then you can use the rx declicker plugin on the tuned version. or buy melodyne as you said! i’m a melodyne user. if you can afford it, buy it.

Bought Melodyne. It’s WAY better than VariAudio 2.0. Got the job done in minutes.

I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time with Steinberg’s buggy and simply unusable “built-in feature”…