VariAudio 2.x.x - your ideas here please

Thought it was time I carried this over from the C7 Feature Request forum:-

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  1. Can the Info readout/detail that displayed INSIDE the segments, be returned please…? They are gone from C7. I found this info to be useful right there where you need it (when zoomed in large enough etc…).
    NB:- Info Line readout is too small/indistinct/inadequate at present. Too much eyeball movement back and forth to where you are actually working on screen.
    EDIT:- A Tooltip appearing as you move segments, would cover this item - as stated in Manual - but, is currently not working. See - for detail

  2. ‘Acoustic Feedback’ improvements - See Melodyne when clicking/holding/moving blobs - the ‘note’ sounds indefinitely; you hear what you are doing as you move, drag, pitch up or down the ‘note’ blobs; very nice, very useful.

  3. Ability to adjust the individual note (segment) AMPLITUDES, again, just like in Melodyne (an extra mouse tool…?).

  4. Increase the pitch range that VariAudio detects, above (and below…?)

  5. Be able to set center frequency (A=440, 442, 445, etc,)

  6. Attack/Release slider (for smoother/better control over note transition)

  7. Preserve VA edits in Backup (project to new location). Fix or Feature Request - you decide.
    Been reported as SOLVED in v7.5

  8. Formant control/adjustment tool needs adding

  9. Rethink or combine the Pitch/Warp and Segment modes - why do they have to be separate…? Makes for a slightly clumsy workflow at present. Why not simply extend the (right-click) ‘toolbox’ abilities…? Replace two ‘modes’ with one button called ‘Analyse’ to the right-hand menu (under VariAudio tab).

  10. Add new ability to show ‘Reference Track’ waveform image (user chosen) for easier lining up of notes
    EDIT - extend this into a VocAlign or VocalSync tool idea/method, is also what we’re getting at here…

  11. Key Commands for tools and functions in VariAudio

  12. Transport - click in any blank/empty space to Locate the cursor/playhead; double-click to start/stop playback from there (Melodyne has this; it is a killer workflow enhancer).
    EDIT - Will be useful in other editors too of course…! :wink:

12a. Or, ‘thicken’ the Ruler bar to make easier to click in to…

  1. Include new ability to add vibrato to notes/segments

  2. KC/Mousewheel to ‘Straighten Pitch’

  3. Ability to set different ‘scales’ to correct notes, including user defined, and to save as presets

    Thanks for listening,

I agree with all your ideas.

  1. I would remove that stupid mute possibility in the middle of event, it is useless. 2. Edit tools should be as for normal wav editor.
  2. Zoom after track analize is also wrong to start working. Again and again you must zooming out first to start tuning. It should zoom out starting notes automaticly as big as tone range is.
  3. It should also detects letters like S and Z that have no pitch and split them from other material cause they lose on sound quality dramaticly whey you pitch them accidently together with other letters.


  1. Others have said about this too; though, it doesn’t bother me and never really has… horses for courses. Maybe because I don’t have the segments too big (vertically)…?
  2. I’m all for more/easier access to tools
  3. I’m not sure what you are concerned with here; sorry if I’ve misunderstood (or just missed the point…!) but for me, vocal fine editing/tuning in VA is all about manually getting into the detail with each few words or so. So yes, you are zooming and moving around a fair amount. That’s the work, that’s the job at hand. Unless you’ve got a giant screen and/or run at a very high resolution…
  4. I suspect it could get to try and detect these ‘S’ and ‘Z’ and ‘Shh’ sounds better, but again, for now that’s the nature of the job to pick through and manually adjust as you go; got to get your editing skills honed somehow…!


Its been a while; made some edits, mentioned including a VocAlign or VocalSync type facility

+1, especially concerning formant tool.

Yes, VA could be enhanced in all this ways :wink:

7.: this is working since 7.5 I think. At least 'till 8.0.20, haven’t tried it in 8.0.30 yet but guess it still does :wink:


Well, if there is any energy left, any willing, any desire, any chance, from the results of your upcoming ‘meetings and action plan’ to carve a way forward - maybe you can pick one or two out from these for your attention too, please SB… :wink:

+1 for those!

For #9, while I do agree, just pressing Tab to switch the modes gets me by alright. And #6, I get decent results by making the ‘blobs’ NOT include the note transition, not ideal, but just sharing by workflow.

A few suggestions of mine would be to take a page from Revoice Pro and add double generation and automatic alignment for multiple vocal tracks.

+1 - yes to your ‘Revoice Pro’ ideas, already hinted at in the list at item #10…!?

+1 on most of these! Specially the Variaudio related ones

Thanks for the +1…

Fingers crossed some of these get in before too long… :slight_smile:

Enhancements to create harmony voices:
Additional methods of creation, rather than limiting to fixed intervals for each new voice i.e. create harmony according to scale and mode.

A related issue: Enhancement to follow chord track – follow midi track for individual voices.