Variaudio and AudioWarp

I need some advice:

I prefer using Freewarp (Audiowarp)2 to fix timing issues on vocals. I would then go to (Pitch and Warp) Variaudio to fix pitch. If I go back to Audiowarp, Freewarp has been disabled. (Or at least the button is not lit). And visa versa. If you go back to Pitch and Warp, that button would be disabled.

My question is:

  1. Does Cubase allow for both to be used together?
  2. Is this a bug?

I dont think its a bug…

Just the way things are…=)

You can flip between them and make/keep edits but you do need to re-enable between each flip. I guess the theory is that one needs disabling for the other to work but it would be nice if it could automatically re-enable on selection of that tab.
Also be aware this limits the warp algorithm to standard solo…if you want to use another algo for timing then you’ll need to finish your timing tweaks and bounce selection before activating variaudio.

But why doesn’t it stay enabled? I never disable it… I don’t understand the thinking…