variaudio and gain question

I have a lead vocal track that I have used VariAudio on.
There are a couple of words that are too quiet and I want to increase the gain just on those few spots.
When I highlight the area in the Audio track and try to increase the gain, I get the following pop-up message:

“This operation may invalidate the VariAudio data.
You changes will be lost and you will have to re-anylize this audio.
When proceeding you may choose to keep the data anyway.”

With the following options.
Proceed or Proceed and Keep or Cancel

This message is unclear to me.
If I choose Proceed and Keep does that mean,

  1. that the VariAudio changes will be saved with the changes in Gain that I make?
  2. the VariAudio for only the section that I have highlighted and wish to change the Gain on will be lost?
  3. the VariAudio changes for the entire section that I used the VariAudio on will be lost?

Also in the first line of the pop-up the words “may invalidate” is used.
Then on the next line the words “will be lost” is used.
This is very confusing.

Searched the forum and did not find one topic regarding this problem.
Would anyone care to translate the Steinbergize for me?
thanks in advance.