VariAudio and Score Editor to Create charts

I"m looking to create charts for our horn section (alto, tenor, bari sax, trumpet & trombone) from audio recordings. I’ve just learned VariAudio can convert audio recordings into MIDI and that “Score Editor” uses MIDI to make charts.

Can someone walk me through the process to get an audio recording into a score ? Thanks!

Firstly - hi and welcome…

I think you’re about there aren’t you…? You’ve taken the audio into VariAudio, detected the notes, exported as MIDI…

You’ll next need to open that event you created, in the Score Editor (instead of the Key Editor), adjust the layout as you desire and print the results. Rinse and repeat for each instrument.

Though, reading that back, I’m not sure I’ve fully appreciated what it is you need help with… Mind, there are better Cubase ‘Score’ gurus around here than me, who I’m sure will dive in to properly advise… Good luck.!

Thanks for the help, that’s exactly what I was looking for. The more I learn about Cubase the more impressed I am, it’s a pretty amazing tool.

The “export MIDI” was grayed out, ended up I missed the “enable edit” in VariAudio. The track I’m working with has audio segments and Cubase didn’t want to convert the entire track to MIDI just one segment, any work around for this? I ended up exporting the track as a .wav and then brought into a new project and ran though VariAudio, it worked, it just wasnt every efficient.

While I’m here, any tips for settings in VariAudio or Score Editor to get the best output on the score? Thanks again!

Yeah, the thing to do is to select your segments/sections together first with the Range Tool (on the same track) and use ‘Bounce Selection’. This will create one new continuous audio file, covering any gaps between segments, to work on. I happily edit 4 or 5 minute long vocal files for example… You’ll want to experiment, depending on your machine/system/project, to learn when it will start popping and crackling…!

But I’d say, don’t go too crazy (15+ min files) and you should be fine.

As to getting ‘best output’ on the Score, I’m a bit out of my depth there, sorry…

When you are done with the VariAudio step and got your MIDI part, open that part in Score Editor:
Select the MIDI part, then in the Cubase menu, select Scores>Open Score Editor.

Then if you need further help regarding the Score Editor, just create new topic(s), add the “Scoring” tag next to ‘Cubase’ tag and ask any questions regarding the score.

Great! Thanks for the help guys!