Variaudio annoyances

Here’s my take on things that could need a brush up in Variaudio.

  1. Make the split segment function use a modifier key instead of where the pointer is positioned. Logically when you want to move a segment you grab it in the middle but then it’s split. I suggest split is done by hitting ALT like it is in the arrangement window.

  2. very often I process an entire range of vocals. I select them all then adjust for example the pitch quantize. But very often - not always - then all the segments get deselected??? SO if I want to also straighten the same segments I have to select them all again.

  3. disable the highly annoying and ugly yellow popup that warns of the algorithm being changed. I get it. I don’t need to see this every time I want to variaudio something.

  1. there’s always a bit of backwards and forwards with the cursor to get the glue or scissors: it’s not very precise. The inconsistency between this method and the right click to select glue/scissors used in the rest of Cubase means I’m always right clicking by mistake. This deselects “edit Variaudio”, which gets annoying very quickly.

  2. To pitch quantise the whole segment, I’d use the left panel inspector.

  3. Quite agree!

I’ve used VA a great deal, but, even with tracks recorded cleanly, I still can’t match the results (harmonising vocals) I see on youtube videos…lots of artifacts, and a very thin tone (when transposing up).

+1 … its sooo fiddly.

one more:

For some reason, the zoom setting in the variaudio editor is always slightly zoomed in too far so it scrolls just a little bit at the end - no matter how few segments are being edited. Fix this so it doesn’t scroll.

BUT how cool would it be if you could somehow extract the pitch curve from one file and transfer that to another like - “get variaudio info from X file”

THAT would be a super time saver when editing stacked vocal harmonies - I very often create these myself from the ground

That would be cool: quicker than using a reference MIDI track.

Likewise, I often find myself accidentally splitting a segment when trying to move it.

A couple of things more that woulds be golden:

  1. make it possible to assign a key shortcut for “straighten curve” - 25, 50, 75 %. The 1000 different mouse handles are confusing.

  2. make it possible to automate the formant shift!

Variaudio is so cool be I feel these things would make it so much better.