VariAudio applying on wrong track !!

I am using VariAudio for pitch correcting. I had duplicated the source track to make a harmony track. Everything was going well until suddenly the changes I make are now being applied to both the duplicated track AND the original track. It’s like the duplicated track has somehow become “linked”, or something, to the original track.

What the hell? Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas?



There are two options I can imagine.

Either you Grouped the Audio Events (to fix it, select the events and use menu Edit > Ungroup), or you really copy the event and after the very first change you didn’t click to New Version to create a new independent instance of the Audio Event.

Hi Martin.

I duplicated the track. I was pitch editing most of the new track without issue. At some point the changes I made in the duplicated track started also being applied to the original track.

I couldn’t find anything ‘grouped’ as you described, and I haven’t copied any events.

Any other ideas?



Try to ungroup the events as I mentioned. If they are not grouped, nothing wrong happen, if they are grouped, you will solve. It cannot be wrong to try it. Could you add some screenshots please? Maybe we will see something unusual.

I couldn’t see any grouped events. What kinds of screenshots would be helpful, do you think?



We could start with these:

  • The Project window, with one of the event selected.
  • Sample Editor with the VariAudio.

By “event”, do you mean an audio clip?

lahatt, any time you duplicate a track or section of the track (audio clip), you MUST then click Audio at the top, and then select BOUNCE. it will then create a new Version. Then, alter the bunced audio section as you wish. The original will not reflect the changes you’re making on the bounced version.

Thanks Rob. So duplicating creates, what, exactly, if not new data?

It’s odd the the first 3/4 of my work on the duplicated track did not affect the original track, but the last 1/4 or so did.