VariAudio - Auto-Snap to MIDI ?

Hi there.
Lets assume i have a chorus which has been recorded by a “bad singer” in 5 tracks.
Now i correct the melody of the main vocal to the final melody.

I know i can export this as a midi file now.
I can put the midi file as a reference in the other 4 tracks and tune every track to this reference… makes it easier but… is there any way to speed up this process?
Like auto-snapping to MIDI track?
Or play the track back with the midi input as pitch reference?
Or like “copy the midi and paste it to the other track” ?

I mean its not super hard to go over every track and redo the same pitching, but there should be a much smoother way which i dont find yet i guess.

By the way i know, it wouldnt be perfectly pitched because of timing differences, but i’d like to have this as a “starting point”… Is there any way to do that? :slight_smile:

that I know there is no way to do it. it would be a very convenient feature for me too