VariAudio automatic split segments?

I use sometimes VariAudio to correct pitch on various singers.

When we turn on VariAudio on track, Cubase automatically reads how the pitch is in a singing performance but it ONLY detects the average of each blob.

I need to split it in segments, sometimes syllable by syllable in order to correct the pitch perfectly.
I know if the singer is good there is no need to ask this because there is no need to split much segments but, as i work with various tracks and chorus, etc, i wonder for a few months now, if there is an AUTOMATIC SPLIT SEGMENTS function?

I am asking for this because when i split in a determined place of the blob, automatically appears the next place where we can split in a horizontal line… so i think Cubase could have this automatic function since it already knows where is the next place where the split can be made.

Hope someone can help me here!