variaudio bounce

I’m getting ready to consolidate my tracks to send to a friend who mixes in protools. Normally I just Hightlight the tracks, “bounce selection”. Then export selected tracks. This is what I’m not sure about->. All of my tracks have been edited with variaudio. I’m wanted to keep those variaudio edits of course, but no other effects. So, If I bounce selection, then export, does it keep my variaudio processing or is there something else I need to do before that? I’m not sure what all bounce selection does. Thanks!

If you’re going to export selected tracks there is actually no need to do anything…the pitch changes made in variaudio are rendered on the exported files.

This is a good question. I know Variaudio is rendered in “export audio” but I’m not sure about “bounce”. They are quite different processes. It would be nice to get confirmation on this.

yes…Variaudio is rendered in bounce selection…It’s very simple to test for yourself if you need more confirmation than that.

Yea it does render. However, i’ve noticed that you can literally quantize every note to 100 % and bounce it. And then go back and open variaudio on that same clip and there will be notes that are no longer quantized 100%