VariAudio ... Changed?

In version 8 and 8.5 when VariAudio was used with the chord track, notes in chord were green, notes in scale were cyan and notes out of scale were red (for me … I never changed any color settings so I assume that was the default). In version 9 notes in chord are a blue, and all other notes are red. This makes it more difficult to identify acceptable passing notes, etc. I can do it, but the old way was so very easy.

Is anyone aware of a way to get it to work like 8.5?

This is a bug and it is reported in the “bug” thread. It is not suppose to be like this.
I still have to open Cubase 8.5 when I’m tuning vocals and stuff like that. I really hope they will release a patch SOON for this. It’s kind of a big deal.

As far as I can tell the scale part of the chord track is not talking to any other track in any mode.
Its not as simple as a colour graphics issue the whole thing is broken