VariAudio/Chord Track F# in an Em scale??!

Have Chord Track set up with an Em in the progression, and am using VariAudio to align a vocal part. I have the VariAudio Segment Colors in the Sample Editor set to follow Chord Track

The vocalist clearly hits an F#, which exists in an Em scale, yet VA has colored it RED.

WTF? This is kinda throwing me off, as now I don’t know what to trust. Do I not have CT or VA set up properly?

THANKS!! :mrgreen:

Bump…this is eating me up. Have more tracks to work on this evening and am kinda rattled by what seems to be a total failure of these systems. Unless its me??

I just did a quick test, and I am not seeing that here. But, in the Inspector of the Vocal track, is “Follow Chord Track” set to “Chords & Scales”?

Ooooh…I don’t know. Must not be by default, as this is a C6.5 project originally.

Am I supposed to set it to that? Did not see that in any instructions/tutorials. Maybe I skipped a step?


Set “Follow Chord Track” to “Scales” and it changed the F# to a G (and it was green). Set it to “Chords and Scales” and it left it as an F# and it was still red.


What scale is the chord track showing?

Sounds like it may have picked up the wrong scale. You can change it to the correct one.

Wow…I just noticed the "scale " part of chord track. Sorry, but I skipped 7 and came straight from 6.5, so CT is new to me :blush:

I wont lie though, I am not seeing this kinda stuff in the tutorials. If I’ve missed a great tutorial about setting the scale as well as the chord, or some of the more advanced parts of CT, let me know :slight_smile:

That said…yes the scale that it “automatically selected” is not appropriate, and I will try manually assigning them this evening.


I can’t recall precisely where I picked up on the scale part from. I did buy some more advanced video tutorials for Cubase 7 recommended on the Steinberg website when I got it. I think it may have been in there as they had a whole section on Chord Track. But then I am one of these odd people who actually reads operation manuals so it might just be I read the instructions. Not saying that everyone should, just that I did.

Hope it sorted the problem for you.

Ok I’m learning the subtleties of how CT works with VariAudio, in particular the “Follow Chord Track” function.

I get that setting it to “Chords and Scales” will not transpose segments, but gives the correct color coding in VariAudio—am I right? What else does it do? Setting it to “Scales” will cause the segments to actually move/transpose to the scale.

My question is, how come when I set it to SCALE, my segments sometimes get moved up by as many as 6-7 half-tones…sometimes 3 whole notes UP?!! There seems to be no reason–a slightly out-of-tune note will get shot to a GREEN note far away, when there is a perfectly acceptable note RIGHT next to it.

Pretty frustrated…CT/VA work so great in some instances, but this is making it almost impossible to use :frowning:

Im having the same problem here, the variaudio segments color is always blue or red, blue when the notes are from the chord and red when notes are no from the chord, no matter if its in scale or not…, ive tried following only scale and nothing changes