VariAudio Constantly Forgetting Preferences/Settings

Hi, I’ve had this issue for a while but haven’t really spoken up much on it because there’s a ton of other bugs that I’ve been waiting for to get fixed… but seeing as how it’s been FOREVER since Cubase has gotten an update, I’m basically losing hope that any of these bugs will ever be fixed and I’m just putting this out there to vent and for therapy to be honest. I tried googling this and couldn’t find anything.

Anyway, every now and then when I open the audio editor / VariAudio window, the preferences are completely forgotten. First of all, I always check the box for “show left zone”. I honestly don’t know why anyone wouldn’t have this visible… Anyway, this is constantly unchecking itself. And the ability to show the grid now in Cubase 12 is awesome (although, not sure why it took so long for such a simple feature), but this is also constantly disabling itself, too. And in VariAudio, I always like to select “All” under the option for “Smart Controls”… but I am constantly having to re-checkmark this box too. And the Acoustic Feedback option is also something I like to have on but it’s constantly disabling itself.

There seems to be a TON of bugs with the Audio Editor / VariAudio since Cubase 12, and this is just one more thing. But it’s a really annoying thing.

(FYI, I’m on PC / Windows 10, Cubase 12.0.30 Build 286… 32gb ram, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X)

EDIT: ok, I just saw that there is an update I missed. (usually new updates get put at the top of the “news” list in the “Hub”… but it looks like this was immediately put to the bottom of the listing, so I assumed it was an old update… apparently irrelevant info like “Spotlight with Gary Paczosa” was more important than informing people that they had a new update… not sure if this update fixes the issue or not… I’ll post back here if it keeps happening…

The left zone visibility problem is a known issue, but not fixed. Very annoying, yes. The workaround atm is to not have the “definition “ tab active when closing the sample editor window.

gotcha. Yeah, I noticed it’s still doing it after the installing the ‘hidden’ update… so many bugs like this; it’s sad.

and thanks for the workaround, although that sucks to have to remember and do constantly lol