Variaudio crash C12

hey guys my cubase 12.0.7 keeps crashing when im using variaudio to edit vocals. after using variaudio for about 5-7mins it just crashes;
mac m1 max, cubase 12.0.7 pro
heres the crash report. can anyone advise me what it is?

Cubase 12_2023-11-01-194422_Xerixs-MacBook-Pro.wakeups_resource.diag


Could you please make the link public?

Btw, this is *.diag file, do you have *.crash or *.ips file instead?

it wont let me attach it here on the forums for some reason. also where can I find the .crash file or .ips file? im on mac


Use Dropbox or a similar service and share the link, please.

You can find the files here:
Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).

above is dropbox link to cubase 12 crashes . I still cant find any .crash or .ips files


What can you see, if you open the Console utility (by typing Console to the Spotlight) and you choose Crash Reports from the list on the left side, please? Is the Cubase mentioned on the main screen after these steps?