Variaudio crashed C6

Just in info to Steinberg developers.

Was editing vocal. Playback off. Switched to segment mode, clicked to cut… freeze. Mouse froze on scisors, even switching to other app, scissors mouse remained. C6 stopped eventually, but remained running in background, had to restart.

Win XP 32, C6.0.2

Another Variaudio crash, within 15 minutes of work, but another kind.

Vorking on vocal, did variaudio edits. Then I applied gate, using Process/Noise Gate. Was notified, that I will loose Variaudio. Said ok, let me see what happens. Did gate fine. Tried to undo… C6 started to flash with window “analyzing audio”, like for 1 second window, then gone, again for 1 second windoww, … This repeated itself some 20 times, then Cubase crashed. Sure enough, it remained running in background, so I had to restart again.

Steinberg, am I doing something wrong? Two crashes in 15 minutes, requiring restart, is a bit much. Please suggest, what do I do?

XP32 SP3, C6.0.2

Looks like you´re using a non supported OS anyway… :unamused:

In C553, variaudio crashes very frequently for me, with WinXP, which IS a supported OS for that app.

Variaudio in C6 (on WinXP) is a bit more stable, but I still get the odd runtime error.
Not as many as before, but they come occasionally. Now of course when there IS a crash, a reboot is required :frowning: this too is not a WinXP-only thing, I believe it affects Win7 users too.

So thinkingcap, I am 99% certain this has nothing to do with OS, and everything to do with Steinberg code.

Also, I must point out that, as a C++ developer, there really is no excuse for allowing an application to terminate in this way, by throwing unhandled exceptions all the way to the top level like this… The app should catch all exceptions and handle them in a controlled fashion.


It doesn´t for me…

It doesn´t really matter. Fact is: XP is not supported for C6. Where do we draw the line XP or maybe Win 98? I mean if it´s everything to do with Steinberg code and not OS anyway…

There were people complaining that Steinberg did not give official announcements on if C6 will work on XP. Well, probably this is the reason why.

This happens often to me too, and I’m using Windows 7.

I think you need more RAM. Variaudio uses up a lot of memory.

The only problem I have w/ VariAudio on 6.5 in XP is it slows down a lot if my analyzed segments are too long. Breaking the song into shorter segments (a verse, for example, rather than the whole song), and it works OK.

Variaudio categorically works fine under XP.

I agree with Alexis, bounce audio into short sections to avoid graphics lag. Don’t just cut it, you must use ‘Bounce Selection’ - Otherwise the full length audio is still being analysed.