Variaudio cubase 6.5

I am editing men voices in Variaudio. When I want to hear the feedback for each correction (e.g. Nudging the blocks). there is no sound, even the Control Room indicates sound. I read all I found in the forum, but no one of the “solutions” worked for me. All the threads I found are earlier than 2013. So I tend to believe the solution, if at all, is on older versions.
Yishai Knoll - Composer
WIN 7, Cubase 6.5, Sound Card Roland Quad-Capture - With/Without earphones.

Your connections (Output and control room) are not configured correctly.

Thanks svennilenni,
I found many posts concerning output and control room and tried following the replies. It was not solved. Do you have a step-by-step for another trial?

Now how are your outputs and control room ?