VariAudio default note block size [ZOOM] / vertical zoom resets every time

Hello there, dear Steinberg!

I have just got back into Cubase after many years of absence and I love the experience. Having transition from an older version, I noticed that something had changed that I cannot fix.

The VariAudio vertical zoom (note height) always seems to reset after each recording. When I open a freshly-recorded audio track, the notes in VariAudio reset to a very small size that is hardly intelligible on my massive monitor. Is there any way to set a default vertical zoom size for VariAudio? This problem does NOT happen in the piano roll of instrument/MIDI tracks - only VariAudio. I distinctly remember that older versions of Cubase simply “remembered” your vertical zoom and applied it to every future recording when you opened them up.

Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you in advance and stay awesome!

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The same trouble (((what to do?