Variaudio does not process short bounced events-Reproduction

Today I experienced a very weird behaviour with Variaudio. I was in fact able to reproduce this in a brand new project with every file I tried.

I had a vocal and I wanted to pitch correct only two bars of it. So I cut it, bounced in place and opened the sample editor. I activated Variaudio and I selected (Ctrl+A) all the notes. I then drag the straighten pitch slider so that all notes were flat. When I played back the audio no changes were applied! This should sound like a hard-tuned audio.

I tried the same on a new project . Same results. When I tried to process the same piece of audio before bouncing it but the whole file, Variaudio worked as expected.
Doing some more tests I found out that once I bounced one or two bars of audio then Variaudio would not work.

Steps to reproduce:
-Open a new project
-Throw in a vocal file
-Cut one or two bars and bounce them
-Open sample editor and analyze the audio
-Ctrl-A to select all notes
-Drag the straighten notes slider
-Changes are not applied

The weird thing is that if you DON’T select all the notes and try to process them one by one Variaudio does work. But not in all cases.

Sorry if this is a known issue. If it is I would appreciate it if you could give me the post in the forum bacause the search function did not give me such a result.

Thank you in advance.

Yes confirmed here! All vibrato is still audible in the notes, even though “straighten pitch” is at maximum.

Thank you for the confirmation!

Yes, vibrato is still audible in my case as well although the notes are straightened out.

Maybe this is something that should be fixed in 6.03? It’s a pretty serious issue.

After performing a couple of more tests, I realised that the problem does not actually happen only on short audio events, but actually happens when I bounce and replace a section of audio.

I tried today with a new project, a completely different file. Once I bounced the audio, VariAudio did not apply the pitch settings (pitch quantize, straighten notes) although the notes were visually altered in the Sample Editor.

+1. Nice find, hopefully it can get fixed asap.

Does this happen when project bit depth is set to 32 bit float ?

In my case it happens on a project that is recorded from start to finish at 24bit.

I was wondering if the repo posted still doesn’t work when the project bit depth is set to 32 float, particularly the bit when you bounce audio as the project bit depth affects the bounce results ? regardless of the recorded audios bit depth.


Bump again in hope that more people take notice

Im from Portugal, i don’t know if my problem is in the same base of yours but…
My project is 96000khz and 32 bit float. I’m using Cubase 6.0.3 right now.
I’m recording my Band Album, and after i had REcorded all Guitar lines, i used variaudio in all of them,
note by note… in dozens of guitars.
Just then/now i’m trying to export each guitar line, i tried all different forms of exporting and each one
gives me the same result which is:
My result wave is totally different of my original waves with variaudio modifications…
The worst thing is, some notes are displaced in timing… even knowing and seeing the original wav/note is corrected with variaudio.
Even if i make BOUNCE in a certain wave which is altered with variaudio, the bounce turns my notes misplaced in timing or change visually.
I can send a copy of my project to a programmer if he thinks it can help…

I’m going mad here, don’t know if this is normal.
I tried to record this way too:

1-Create a new mono track
2-set its input to “return Left” and press record
3-in the original segmented wave set the output to LEFT
4-press play/record

This way i record real time, what i’m hearing is what i’m recording, but sometimes i hear pops and clicks and my latency is at maximum 2048. So, this method doesn’t work for me too.

The other processes of exporting change the waves format visually, and certain notes are misplaced in relation to the original variaudio wave.

Is this a problem known?

My changes in the audio are made with AUDIOWARP -> Free (option) not variaudio… sorry.

I would really advise that you contacted Steinberg support about this one.
I have found some really outstanding bugs related to Variaudio and Sample editor /waveform auditioning and wrong placement .
Unless you contact support they cannot know if something’s wrong. I have already contacted them but the mOre cases the better conclusions and fixes they can have.

I thought steinberg sees this forum…
Its useless to contact the only contact “mysteinberg account” gives me because its a portuguese store, i think even their mail doesn’t exist anymore…
Anyone knows other official steinberg contact directly related to programers ?
I remember that in earlier Cubases i made an export and the wav would be exactly like the one above…and i’m seeing this weird waves, their “phase” changed, some notes corrected with variaudio not being corrected in exportation…
What do i do now with my session?!

My changes in the audio are made with AUDIOWARP -> Free (option) not variaudio… sorry.

I tried now, install Cubase 5.5.3, opened one of my trouble sessions, and then i removed all variaudio and audio warp editions …tried to export… perfect. All waves perfectly sync and visually super equal.
Thats definitely a Cubase 6.0.1 ; 6.0.2 ; 6.0.3 problem … I should have been always with Cubase 5.5.3 … If i have known, i never would bought Cubase 6…
Weeks lost…


When i need to do this kind of stuff, i use Pro Tools with their algorithms. Perfect.
I have already Cubase 6.5.1, but i didn’t try with this version the explained procedure yet.