Soooo. I have an issue where I i’ll do some pitch edits but then if I bounce the audio block that I just did the edits to, the pitch changes don’t stay. It won’t necessarily be the same as it originally was either but not all my edits stay. Any solution to this?

Hello MERC476

The methodology for me is to bounce first (and create a new, unique audio file); make your edits in VA then flatten or bounce afterwards to make changes permanent. I’ve also got into the habit of ALWAYS working on a duplicate track, in case I right royally mess things up… :wink:

If you don’t bounce first (and choose ‘Replace’), you are probably still working on a much larger audio file, from where the section you are inside is being referenced (Cubase non-destructive editing - always been very powerful…!). There’s a warning message that should pop up (unless you’ve accepted once in the past and said to ‘not show again’) telling you of your choices at that point and the consequences of each; unless you choose ‘New Version’, you will lose any edits made if you work on the file afterwards (which yes, as you’ve found out, includes performing a ‘bounce’…!).

So, its become habit for me that I bounce my chosen piece of audio (Event) first, and choose to ‘Replace’ in the pop-up; now I know I am working on a new, unique length of separate audio and am good to go at it with VA…

That’s it in a nutshell, more info in the manual of course.

Hope that helps

I duplicate the vocal first, and then make a Real Copy, before bouncing.

Couldn’t quite figure out if after bouncing you’re saying choose New Version, or Replace. I will have to look at that carefully next time I’m on. Thanks!