VariAudio Export Track Archive

Hi all

Is there a way to include variaudio data when exporting a track?

If not, where is the data stored?

I need to send tracks that have been edited with Variaudio to another studio, but they need access to the variaudio editing I’ve done, in case they need to make adjustments.

If I just export the track as a track archive, it does not include the Variaudio data.


Only way is to send them the Cubase project file as the editing data is only stored in the .cpr file.

Already answered…?

Answered but no solution. It would be great if Cubase developers could add an option to check a box that says “include variaudio data” in the export track archive feature.
Definitely seems like a no-brainer, that this should be an option. :smirk:

It’s not possible to include such information in an audio WAV file or any other of the normally used audio formats.

That would only make sense if they also use Cubase, and if they did sending them the .cpr file would solve that.
Just bounce it and let them auto tune the schizophrenias out of it.

Yes, but surely there has to be a way to include it in the track archive… Can’t they figure out how to copy the variaudio data so that it can be exported with the track?