VariAudio faders controllable over MIDI

I miss that in the sample editor the controls “Correct Pitch”, “Straigthen Curve”, “Shift Formant” and “Volume” can be controlled remotely via a MIDI controllers. This would make editing vocal tracks much easier if you could use the mouse to select the note(s) with one hand and immediately adjust the corresponding parameters with the other on a hardware MIDI controller.

Additional there should also be two “Set Range for Pitch straigthen curve” controls (for both, leading+trailing edge), which of course should also be controllable via MIDI.

It would be even more helpful if you also had two “Set Range for Pitch straigthen curve” controls (leading/trailing edge) in this left pane , which you could also control via Midi.

I strongly and heartily second this feature request of @mat .

As far as I can tell (although I haven’t tried yet because I have not bought my MIDI controller yet) though “Correct Pitch” is potentially controllable remotely (since it appears in the Key Command list), the following commands that I think are used quite frequently by most are not controllable remotely:

  • “Straighten Curve”, and
  • The many, many, many heavily used Smart Controls.

I would pay money for an easy way to control those remotely! :slight_smile: