Variaudio feature request - better handling of lanes

When using Variaudio within lanes - I would prefer it only analyze/edit the specific part of an audio file that is active within lanes.

For example - imagine I have 2 takes in a 4-minute song. Both takes are audio files that are the full length of the song. Take 1 is only active during minute #1 of the song. Take 2 is only active for minute #2 and minute #3. Take 1 is then active again for minute #4 of the song… I want to be able to use Variaudio only on take #2 - but when I use it, I don’t want it to analyze the entire audio file of take 2. I want it only to analyze the “active” portion of take 2.

Am I making sense? This becomes much more important when there are 30 takes, and some of them are only active for 2 seconds. When using Variaudio, I don’t want to analyze the entire audio file (which could be the full length of the song) - I only want to analyze and edit pitch on the 2-second portion of the audio file.