VariAudio Flatten Question

Hi - I ran Variaudio on a vocal today, and two things came up I didn’t understand I was hoping maybe someone could help out with please, both to do with the flattening dialog window (p. 292 of the manual):

  1. I did not get the options for the algorithm (drop-down window) that are shown in the manual. It says the window will not open when timestretch is outside the range of 0.5 and 2. But I only used Segment and Pitch correction, no warping … so I couldn’t have time stretched, right?

  2. Also, I didn’t get an option for “Formant Correction” which I read the manual as being unexpected.

Has anyone had this experience, or have any suggestions please?


Variaudio uses a fixed algorithm & formant option only shows with audio that has been specifically “transposed”.

Thanks, Grim!
I thought I had heard that, but does that mean page 292 is wrong, " … you can select an algorithm for processing: MPEX Solo Fast, …"

It isn’t completely wrong as those options appear if you flatten event transpose…it just doesn’t make it clear the options don’t apply to variaudio.

Thanks, Grim. In the “Transpose” part of the manual, that picture w/ the dropdown menu of the different algorithms would have been perfect. In the VariAudio section of the manual, where none but one are available - IMO, not so much.

I wonder if at one time they actually planned to have multiple algorithms available? I remember a moderator saying a while back that the meat and potatos single algorithm available in VA was actually the best of all, including the Elastique options.

The thought occurred to me: for that very problematic word/note that is out of tune enough that VA can’t handle it - I wonder if multing just that bit out (after segmenting), then treating w/ the Elastique c’est Magnifique algorithm ( :smiley: ) would give better results. Assuming of course singer is not available to re-sing the part.

Wouldn’t want to do that for the whole song - it would take so long that the style of music would hve changed by the time you’re done!

Thanks -

Thoughts/comments/suggestions welcome!