VariAudio formant shift - cubase crashes (windows 10)

I’ve just had Cubase 10.0.20 crash twice in a row after trying to change the “shift formant” parameter on a note inside VariAudio. I could drag the slider, then I got the spinning wheel and shortly after the “program is not responding/will shut down” message.
Is this a known issue? Sould I open a ticket?

I use VariAudio frequently and it always worked for me, though I have never used the formant fuction. I just wanted to play around with it for the first time to see how it works and if I like it.


Could you attach *.dmp file(s) stored in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder, please?

there was no dump-file created. I tried again now, in this session with the same audio-clip it will always happen. Opened an empty project and loaded a bunch of wavs, applied formant shift and all is well…


Could you share a Dropbox (or similar) link to any example file, please?

Hey Martin, sorry, I got caught up with other stuff.
I haven’t had this issue anymore (haven’t used the function, really). If it comes up again, I’ll be shure to document it properly.