Variaudio graphics out of sync in 10.0.40

When I try to edit a vocal track with VariAudio in my current project, the graphics are out of sync, making it difficult to edit.

The colored warp segments are aligned, but the waveform data beneath is not. If I compare the edit window with the actual audio track above, it is clearly not in sync. This makes it quite difficult to do correct edits.

I am using tempo changes in this project, but I have done that with previous projects in 10.0.30 without problems.

Have I missed something? I would greatly appreciate any help.


Do you have multiple Audio Events open at the same time? Is one of the Audio Event cut from left side?

If yes, this is an known issue.

Could you provide a screenshot (or a video), please?

I only have one Audio Event open.

As you can see the playhead is at the beginning of the phrase in the arrange but in the lower zone the playhead appears in the middle of the phrase, the colored bars however are correctly aligned with the actual audio (as in the arrange).

What makes it doubly annoying is that Melodyne ARA is useless as well with audio playback out of sync.
Seems the ARA implementation in Cubase is still a mixed bag of problems.
Melodyne ARA crashes quite often, luckily without crashing Cubase, but losing all edits are equally annoying and time consuming.

Fortunately Melodyne VST is working properly so I’ll stick to that for now.


Do you have multiple events selected? Is one of them cut from the left side?

Could you provide a project snipped example, please?

I only have one event selected.
If you mean that the audio region is cut from a larger audio region - then it is.
It is actually cut from both left and right in this case.

Not entirely sure what you mean with project snipped example?


I was thinking if you could attach an example project to be able to reproduce it here. If you don’t want to share the whole project, you can share just part of it.