Variaudio Harmonies to scale

Using Variaudio for more than a few notes requires time to fix notes that are outside the scale (Please tell me if I have missed something).

Please provide an option to restrict harmony tracks to the project key.

Thank you


In the Audio tracks’ Inspector open the Chords tab and let the Audio track Follow Chord track.

Follow chord track restricts the variaudio track to the notes in the chord which is not the same thing as the notes in the scale,


You can set it to restrict to follow the scale.

I wish that were true Martin. Although the variaudio notes can be displayed to show which are out of scale, there is none to restrict their generation to the scale.

If you know otherwise please describe where the setting is.


Please see attached screenshot.

Thank you for your continued help Martin. I spent quite a while yesterday working with Follow Chord Track but find it to be unworkable for bringing harmonies to scale. Unlike the scale assistant, there is no indication of where changes will be made, so with more than a few notes it is hard to see what has been changed, and a great deal of care is required to avoid losing the original, and changing things that you don’t want to change.

My best workaround so far is to copy the Variaudio to a midi track where the Scale editor can be employed, and then use the midi track as a reference in variaudio - but that’s a rigmarole!

I’ve searched in vain for help to understand or more literally predict what to expect from the Follow Chord Track options. As a more experienced user any light you can shed would be a real bonus.