VariAudio Harmonies - You're Kidding Me Right?

The OP admits that it was his very first time using the VA ( :mrgreen: ) and yet has concluded it’s a “joke” and “not serious” etc. :unamused:

On the other side of the coin, some of the promo videos and even the Club cubase videos do hype things and have more Sell than Tell at times. Anyway, this is getting very off topic… I like and use VA and the auto harmonies are a great feature once you learn how to use what it actually does and not what you wish it did or what a hype sales video made you think it does. What it actually does is pretty amazing. If I wanted even more, I’d have to move up to one of the top flight VA packages, but the VA in Cubase is really enough for my current needs.

Take a tune like “Four Brothers” that has 1/2 steps on the descent. Appy Manhattan Transfers lyrics for the 1st 8 bars. Have the chord track ready. (key of Ab) Do you hear a difference? Let me add to this, when you listen to the harmonized tracks individually, do you recognize your voice…eom…

comments are welcome…

Alan Russell

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