Hi, I have read this post
and countless others but still cant find a way to add (generate) harmonies to a “selection” of the vocal track, ie I only want to add the harmonies to parts of the chorus and not the whole track, I just cant figure it out, am I overlooking something?
CB pro8
Any advice would be truly grateful
Thank you

Are you making sure you bounce the specific part(s) of the main file you want to work on, to a new (independent) file, first…? (Audio -> Bounce Selection and choose to ‘Replace’).

Once that’s done, then try to generate your harmonies… should work…!

Good luck,

Bob’s suggestion should work but I usually generate harmonies for the whole track then after listening I chop out the unwanted harmonies at the areas I don’t want them.

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Just to give another perspective…

If you just want harmonies for a specific section, instead of bouncing it, you can just split the audio item so you have a separate item that you will generate harmonies for.
Select that item and generate harmonies.
It will just create the harmony parts under that selected item.

If your vocal is already sliced up because you’ve edited out unwanted noises or comp’d it, then you will need to bounce it first to create a single item to generate the harmonies on

I usually do this as I find it easier to edit it in the vari-audio editor when it’s in smaller chunks (like a verse, chorus etc.).

use the range selection tool… :slight_smile:

thx for the replies :slight_smile: as you can tell i’m quite new to cubase so i’m learning everyday

@Puma0382, i’m not quite sure how this way works i’ll research it

@Prock, this seems to be a lot of work for a few harmonies :frowning:

@richlum, this sounds like what i want to do, but again i will have to research the “bounce” section

@shadowfax, again this is something i need to research