VariAudio Help - Flattening or Bounce

Hello. Simple question. If I choose the “bounce selection” command in the audio menu will this apply the VariAudio changes I made to a new file? Or should I use the “flattening realtime processing” to apply VariAudio as per the manual? I’m simply trying to preserve the CPU and wanted to know if both of these ways work or only the flattening to apply the fixed pitches. Thank you. Gary

To answer my own question… The bounce command works the same as I re-opened it and the changes were not there in the new bounce. So “flattening” is the way to process the VariAudio. Gary


Yes, this will apply VariAudio changes into the new file.

Do you mean that the “bounce” will apply the changes? If that is so then I need to listen to the bounce again and re-evaluate it to see if the change is there. Gary

Yes, I mean that the “bounce” will apply the changes.

I tried to sing something. Then I change all tunes to the only one note, it was totaly flat. Then, I use Audio > Bounce Selection. Cubase asked me: Replace events? I said “Replace”. Open the Sample Editor, VariAudio tab, and click to the Pitch and Warp Segments. All segments are totaly flat.

Hello all,

I’m running into some issues with flattening warped audio and was hoping someone had a solution.

When I warp audio and then flatten, the wave form changes. transients appear to shrink slightly and the timing is off from the warped event.

I’ve included pre and post pictures.
Thanks in advance
Pre Flatten.jpg
Post Flatten.jpg

I’d imagine it’s the known issue with elastic audio…for timing sensitive material use another algo or cut n slide instead …or you could consider it a humanise function :wink:

You can see Steinberg’s respond here, though it focuses on the fact that different bounces will always be the same rather than particularly addressing that the warping isn’t playing or bouncing how it looks…they do say that the algorithm will be improved in future.

p.s this isn’t related to the OP so should have been in it’s own post…or you might have found one of the earlier discussions (using google rather than the forum search which is pretty useless for more than single words)

Thank you Grim

So, help me out here (I get confused easily…)

You all seem to be saying that “bounce selection” does pretty much the same thing as “flattening realtime processing”?
Is that right?