Is there a way to hear (like in melodyne) the note when you click on it to move it to the right place without playing over and over? (Very bad, very bad vocal but it is a customer :slight_smile:

Yep had that problem myself but have fixed it.

Hit F4
Check the Outputs tab at the top you should see your Stereo Outs there.
Go to the Studio tab
If you see that Monitor 1 is not connected, turn off Control Panel if it is the only monitor you have listed in that control panel.

Make sure Acoustic Pitch Feedback button is switched on up on the left top hand corner of the VariAudio sample editor.

The VariAudio “bubbles” will now make sounds inside VariAudio when you move them.

Thank you!!!
Acoustic Pitch Feedback button… so obvious :blush:

You’d think they’d switch some of these buttons on by default… it would save so much heart ache!

Just as RTFM would, nevertheless, people don´t do it…