**Variaudio improvements in N10 are worth the entire upgrade price!**

I would like to publicly congratulate Steinberg Developers on the improvements in Variaudio in Nuendo 10. So very well done! You have addressed the previous shortcomings expertly for how I had always wanted to use it. Just having per segment Volume Control is a fantastic addition.

Improvements I love:

  1. Contextual Smart Controls via mouse for (nearly) every parameter. Excellent implementation that’s much more intuitive.
  2. Volume Control per segment.
  3. Multiple choices for default Snap Mode in Pitch Correction.
  4. Vastly improved Tilt function including smooth rotate.
  5. Control over including/excluding a portion of a segment within the Warp Function.
  6. Continuously variable Formant Shift per segment.
  7. Great choices for intelligent Modifier Keys to access previously unavailable parameters.

Taken as a whole, these improvements are a literal game changer for me on vocals, especially when mixing. Much faster and more capable than before. I would have paid the upgrade fee for these improvements alone.

Thank you. This is the sort of thing that will retain me as a customer indefinitely.

Well said. +1

absolutely +1 !

these are wonderful improvements, great results.

For Vocal Editing, I prefer VA over Melodyne.

This is the main reason I got the update. This will speed things up so much when editing vocals. The range setting is great. Incredibly useful.


Still we don’t have a way to change reference pitch (A different than 440Hz). And I’m preparing some examples of Variaudio not recognizing the pitch accurately. A plain synth giving exact pitch and variaudio gets it even 25% off! Usually the worse happens ouside the vocal range but even in C2-C3 it thinks is out between 4% and 8% which makes it unreliable. Even the Steinberg Tuner gets it right. And of course Melodyne or Waves In-Tune don’t have that issue.

We love Variaudio because is easy and powerful but we are having serious trust issues…

I use Variaudio almost exclusively on vocals and am not having any pitch accuracy issues in that setting.

I don’t use the snap to pitch function ever. I hold down the shift key and move the segment till it sounds correct to me. I’m trying for the most natural sound as I work with singer songwriters. It works great in this way.

I too love all the improvements SB brought to VA3 - its much, much better to use now…! A lot of previous requests were added - which was great to see.

Since release, over in the Cubase pages, I and others have collected a few areas of workflow that could/should be examined further, to make it even more stellar. Have a look and see what you think:-