Variaudio in chord track mode

Previously in Cubase 8.5, I was able to double click on a vocal part in my project and bring up Variaudio. The notes that were in key were green and blue and if it was not in key it would be red as long as I have a Chord track in ny project with the key of the song. Now if i do the same, all notes are just blue and red. Any way to get this back? This will be setting my workflow way back. THANKS!

At 9:25 in the below video is what I’m talking about.

Confirmed here
Something isn’t right


Bug is already listed for normal Notes in the Bug Forum.

Damn shame. It’s the one thing that’s keeping me from using C9. Everything else that people were complaining about didn’t affect me at all. Was loving how much snappier C9 is compared to 8.5. Guess I’ll wait til this gets sorted out. Hopefully wont be long.

Btw, where is the list of C9 bugs?