VariAudio in one of the cubase entry versions?

I would LOVE to see VariAudio in one of the lower versions of Cubase (Elements and/or Artist). My bands vocalist is currently using Logic and he loves flex audio (Logic’s version of VariAudio) as he can pitch correct his vocal ideas, move notes around and come up with interesting melodies, etc. I wanted to get him to switch to Cubase so I could do all our songs in Cubase, and was going to have him purchase Cubase Artist or Elements as he cannot afford the full blown Cubase, but it looks like VariAudio is only available in the full version of Cubase!

Is there any chance of it being made available in Cubase Artist? I know this may look like a personal request to add VariAudio to Cubase Artist, but I must admit, I can see his point - its hard to justify $299 price for Cubase Artist when $199 Logic offers so many more features! Maybe adding VariAudio to one of the entry Cubase versions will be the feature that makes the bedroom singer / songwriter actually consider Cubase over Logic? I personally believe it would, and you have one for sure customer if this does ever happen. :slight_smile: