variAudio ingnore fricatives and plosives

I am editing an vocal track with extreme variaudio as an effect and what i would like to do is :

I have a plosive portion and a vowel portion of the vox in a single audio file and I want to pitch shift it along with the vowel but variaudio will only pitch shift the vowel region of the audio file. Is there a way to have cubase pitch shift the entire file rather than just the portion that it can identify a clear pitch. just placing the file in a sampler and pitching down doesnt have the quite the same effect.

Ive been looking in the manual and yet to find if its possible. If its there please just point me and I’ll figure it out ( ive only had C6 a week and am still digesting the changes from c4



select the region, then AUDIO > PROCESS > PITCH SHIFT