Variaudio issue: not showing segments after timestretch


i’ve got an issue with variaudio on my vocals. I changed the temp of the song but because there’s so many temp changes in there it’s not possible to just use musical mode on the waveforms cause it will cause artifacts and desynchronisation.

So the best thing I found is to just increase the tempo of each wave form sepparately with the “time stretch” process command.

But this causes some issues with the things I’ve harmonized. After time stretching harmonized tracks, When I try to inspect the variaudio on them they seemed to have been reset but when choosing “pitch & warp” I don’t see any segments anymore so I can’t set the correct pitch anymore. What is wrong ? I tried deleting all the segments but the “variaudio” tab still appears to be active (you can bypass it),

Is there something I can do to remove variaudio from the track and reanalize ?

Oh, there’s a menu item under the midi option in the vari audio tab that you can pop open and has a “re analyze audio” feature. That did the trick.