Variaudio Issue

I recently installed Cubase 7 after using Cubase 5 for a few years. While it wasn’t seamless, I am pleased with the new version.

I’m running into a Variaudio problem, though. I cannot drag the note to pitch proper, only in full pitch movements that retain relativity. Said another way, if the note is 20% sharp of C, it will not drag to C and if I slide it up or down, it remains at 20% sharp of whatever note I move it to. Do I have some kind of “Variaudio Snap” enabled? How do I fix it?

I don’t know if is it relevant, but when I hovered the mouse over the note in Cubase 5 it would tell me the note details (what note, how far off in what direction), but it isn’t doing that now. It only says the note details at the top right of the screen in one of the black detail boxes. Maybe that’s just a Cubase 5 vs. Cubase 7 thing, I don’t know.

I’m running Windows 7 with plenty of space. As I said before, Variaudio worked fine in Cubase 5 just a week or so ago. The Cubase 7 that I am running is the 7.04 update, so I think I’m up-to-date on that front.

I think I also ran into a problem with no audio once I ran “pitch and warp” on another track, but one problem at a time. :wink:

If you select the note and then slide the quantise pitch correct slider in the VariAudio tab at the left

Yes, I know about quantizing and it does work, but I want the program to work properly. I shouldn’t have to use back door techniques. Plus, there are plenty of cases when quantize doesn’t get the desired results and/or leaves audio residue.

Cubase 7 has different default behaviors in Variaudio than previous versions.

In order to move the note by RELATIVE semi-tones (the default) you just move the note without a modifier key.

In order to move the note by cents, you have to hold down the shift key as you move the notes.

In order to move the note to the next ABSOLUTE semi-tone you need to hold down the Command / CTRL key.

You can change these defaults by going to preferences under “Editing --> Tool Modifier”.

In this sense the program is working exactly as it should.

As far as seeing the note details on the pitch segments themselves at certain waveform zoom levels, Cubase 7 SHOULD be doing this, but for some reason it doesn’t show that for me either. As you say though, that information is in the info line above.

Thank you so much! I’ll check into that. I don’t do much shifting in any direction other than to the nearest pitch, so I’ll monkey with the settings and get them back to where there were.

I’m imaging that they new relative default has something to do with the chord track and/or harmony feature?

Glad I could help.

Regarding the pitch info being displayed on the pitch segment itself when moused over at certain waveform zoom levels, now that I look in Cubase 7 manual, I see that is conspicuously absent. Cubase 6 DOES do this, and although they DO show a picture of a pitch segment that has that information on it later in the Cubase 7 manual–no specific mention of it is made. It’s possible that image was a holdover from the Cubase 6 manual and that they actually removed this feature.

So my statement that it SHOULD be working may be in error. They may have removed that feature for whatever reason. In any case, the information is still available in the info line above.

Whether it should do it technically or not, I think we can all agree that it should do it just for user simplicity. :slight_smile:

You’re already looking at the note box anyway, why have to scan your eyes back and forth to the top of the screen?

Yes, why they take away useful functionality like this, I just cannot understand… Who asked for it to be taken out…? What was the technical/necessary ‘reason’ for removal…? It baffles me…

Please add your voice/vote here for its return:-

(and please, put any other VA ideas/improvements you think of…!)


EDIT:- the ‘Info line’ detail is nowhere near an answer/solution/alternative - have you actually tried looking at the readout there, when the screen isn’t right at your face…? Can you read it with ease…? And yes, that back and forth of your eyeballs, makes it really fun to use… NOT…!! :imp: