VariAudio-like VST plugin

Hi guys,
I’ve recently bought Cubase Elements 8 and was astonished not to find the VariAudio pitch corrector as it was implemented in Cubase 5 Pro… :frowning:

So I’ve tried Melodyne to pitch the voice of my band’s singer, but it is a bit creepy to use, I mean I have to scan all the track, then correct, and cannot scroll into the timeline in Melodyne, but only in the Cubase timeline, etc…

So here’s my question :
Do you guys know a VST plugin that is nice, a plugin you particularly like to correct the pitch of the voice
It could be free or not, I don’t mind, I just want it to be well implemented and I can click on a voice note and change it manually for only 1 note for example, and also juste set a few things and the corrector corrects automatically the whole track. :laughing:

I’ve tried GSnap, it does the job pretty well, but I can’t click and drag a specific note to correct
Also Melodyne, but I don’t feel good with it, in my opinion, it is not really well implemented

Thanks guys =)


The update from 5 to 8 is 299. Maybe that would be the easiest choice.

I think melodyne is the best (and most expensive option), although there is a essential version for $99.

Golfox2 has already tried it (it is the best option soundwise, no doubt) but suffered from the workflow…

If Steinberg manages to implement ARA… :laughing:

Hi, Yep but I don’t have 300$ to update so I bought the elements 8
what is ARA ?
Yeah, then, do you have other plugins propositions please ?
I’m trying to make a small database for my, in order to compare differents options, and select one at the end :wink:

iZotope Nectar, but it is more a complete plugin bundle for vocals.

ARA is an extension of the VST protocoll, invented by Celemony and Presonus. It enables Melodyne to work in Studio Ones’ Sample Editor just like VariAudio works in Cubase. Nothing that would help you at the moment. I just mention it on every occasion because I want it to be in Cubase too :wink:

Ahaha okay thanks for the captain information marQs :wink:
I already have iZotope Nectar to boost voices, but the pitch corrector more than limited (or I don’t know how to use it properly)
maybe I’ll go for a test with Autotune 8, and if it’s not my soup, I’ll go deeper with melodyne…

I’ll stay open if you have any other ideas guys :wink:

Antares Autotune also has the graphical mode which is like vari-audio and melodyne…

In the old days, i.e. before variaudio and before I bought melodyne, I used to use either the pitch shift plugin or directly adjust the pitch of small clips of audio, i.e. individual notes that needed shifting, adjust the transpose coarse and fine values in the status bar. I did whole albums like that, obviously more time intensive than VA or Melo but it was the only option at the time and it can produce pro results. As I progressed I purchased Autotune and then used that as an offline processing tool to pitch shift the individual notes, or selection of notes to a specific scale. Again, more time consuming but you can get excellent results like this, perhaps better results sometimes (I like AT, I think it introduces less artifacts).

Perhaps there’s a good feature here that Steinberg could implement, a sort of cheapy variaudio display which just uses the current simple pitch shifting clip values, so it wouldn’t be very good quality.


Ok fine, thanks a lot for the big opinion and description,
I’ll go for a shot with a demo of autotune and see if it fits with my needs

cheers :slight_smile:

I have “all” the pitch correctors, full Cubase, Melodyne, Antares, iZotope Nectar and a bunch of others including also Logic. The “only” thing that really works is melodyne. Period. Spend some time with each of them and I am sure you will agree. There are also some videos on youtube that compare some of them, so you can both see and hear yourself. Learn to master melodyne. Dont expect to master it out of the box. Most great programs takes some time to master.

However, nothing beats a good singer.

However, nothing beats a good singer.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

That’s the thing with a good singer though… you don’t HAVE to beat them! :unamused: :unamused:

Some other things are useful too. Good preparation by the vocalist (or instrumentalist/performer), a good recording environment with good/correct headphone monitoring, and finally a good engineer to put them at ease and tease out the best performance or to make them aware of the tuning at certain times during the song. All these things definitely help and were probably given more consideration before Melodyne or AT appeared.



I totally agree with all your descriptions guys.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a really good singer on my hand, so I have to deal with it.
Even if I tell him that some notes need to be pitched, it doesn’t change…

I’ll try autotune and again melodyne, thanks guys

I know this is an old thread, but it helped me out since I have been considering Cubase Elements 9, and knowing that the pitch correction included with Elements is not what I need. I had researched several options, and some were unquestionably too expensive, others I just had no idea if they were the best for the job or would even fill the need. I thought Melodyne Essentials might be the solution but wasn’t sure. Appreciate your post - really gave me the info to make a better informed decision.


Nice to be of use!
Note that Melodyne has developed further since the thread was started so the difference is even greater now, (in the favour of Melodyne). I do however not know how Essential compare to the full version. Sound quality would be the same I guess, but Essential may have some reduced features, not necessarily of importance to you.

RevoicePro has an excellent repitching algorhythm. I’ve not used a recent version of Melodyne, but people who have say RVP does a better job.

BTW - is it truly the consensus that Melodyne is better at vocal repitching than VariAudio? I thought I’d read some threads that suggested that wasn’t the case …

Just try them out so you can have your own experience. Don’t take my word for it. And… if you have a singer with a perfect pitch and timing (or an instrumentalist with the same) you do not need either. But few of us do. If you just need some extremely limited corrections then the “cheap” one could do fine. The difference could be estimated from the respective market price. If people are willing to pay the same amount for the “correction” system as for a DAW which already have something similar included, it is because it is better in some respect. To me this “better” is both function wise, as Melodyne has a lot more options, but the most important thing to me is how it sounds when you manipulate the sound source. Melodyne has a lot more “room” before the manipulation yields something that sounds unnatural. So IMHO it give both more possible creativity and sounds more natural. A decade ago Antares Autotune ruled the market. However Antares have slept while Celemony came along. Autotune now sound crap IMHO compared to Melodyne. Variaudio is somewhere in between. I have no personal experience with RevoicePro. From what I have heard it is sound wise on the level of Melodyne They both have features that the other do not, some prefer one above the other.