Variaudio - line up lead vox and harmony in one screen?

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Is it possible to have a lead vox and a harmony vox opened up in one VariAudio screen, so as to align the timings of each word/phrase?

If not, how are people doing that?

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I don’t think this is possible in Variaudio. I highlight the tracks, “Zoom To Selection” which I have assigned to the “Z” key, and “Zoom In” (which is assigned to H) as far as I need- very fast for aligning tracks

Hope that helps

Thanks, btrox! Just to clarify, you do all that not using Variaudio, just the Cubase project window?

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Here’s what I do… I fix the main vocal first for timing by chopping up and sliding in the project window. Then I fix the main vocal tuning using variaudio, sometimes I bounce first and then tune if there’s a lot of timing or comping changes. I then top and tail the final lead vocal to remove or tame the breaths, pops, and lip smacks. Next I record the BVs, then I edit them in turn for tuning first (variaudio) and then detailed timing against the lead vocal (in the project window) to bring them together. I manually cut and slide them and apply fades at the edges to soften the consonants and to make the ends of the notes all the same length. I instruct the BV singers to pull back on their T’s, S’s and other consonants so they’re a bit softer to start with, and also ask them to try to hold on notes longer than the lead vocal so I can fade them earlier if needed. Obviously it’s a lot quicker if they can follow the lead vocal perfectly !!!


P.S. To clarify, you can’t edit more than one track in variaudio.

Yes, all in the project window. If the harmony or any BV’s need extensive tuning, I work on them in Variaudio before lining them up

You can also keep an eye on the ruler at the top of the screen. It is very accurate. :sunglasses:

Of course- it just depends on how finite you need to be and sometimes,how many tracks you’re addressing

Rulers - you can also create additional ruler tracks, I quite often put one in the middle of the project window. Also quite often I’d be pulling the kick+snare tracks down into the middle of the tracks so I can see timing cues from them. I’ll put them back later when the timing’s all done.


Another reason we NEED Melodyne ARA!!!

GargoyleStudio - what an excellent helpful post, thank you! I did some of this last night, I can see this being a really nice workflow.

I seem to be noticing/being helped by your posts a lot lately … so thanks again!