VariAudio & Lower Pane Inspector Panel Oddity

If I open an audio-track in the Sample Editor (Cubase 9.5.41 [and before]), the left-hand inspector panel shows a list of tabs which includes VariAudio. This occurs for both mono and stereo audio files (as expected).

However, if I double-click an audio-track so that it opens in the lower pane of the main project window, the tabs appear in the inspector panel for stereo tracks, but not for mono tracks (i.e. the panel is empty).

Is this something I have set up incorrectly, a bug, or something peculiar to my system?


I cannot reproduce this. On my side, the Editor Inspector always appears. It doesn’t matter, if I double-click to a Stereo or Mono Audio Event, on a Stereo or Mono Audio track.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start mode, please?

Hi. I have just tried it in Safe Start Mode and the same thing happens:

Stereo audio event:

Mono audio event:

As you cannot reproduce it I guess it must be something to do with Windows 10 or my Cubase setup. It’s irritating but not the end of the world as I can access VariAudio via the Sample Editor. It would be nice to know why this is happening though…


It’s not the Stereo vs Mono, it’s Audio Event (stereo in your case) vs Audio Part (Mono in your case).

As you can see in the Inspector, Editor is also selected for the Audio Part. But Audio Part editor doesn’t have any tabs (as you can see in the dedicated editor window), so no tabs are visible.

I must say that’s really weird because until you mentioned it I had never heard of an ‘Audio Part’ so I’m clueless as to why/how my project has one in it - until reading the manual today I did not even know how to create one! This was originally an SX file - but even in those days I was unaware that Audio Parts existed.

Anyway I see that all I need to do is dissolve the part so that it becomes audio events so I’m good to go - sorry for wasting your time, but thank you so much for your help.