VariAudio missing in Cubase 12 Trial?

So, the VariAudio tab seems to be missing in my Cubase 12 trial. I’ve read a number of posts on the subject, but I found no solution as of yet.

Trying to right-click on any other tab in the Inspector tab doesn’t show any VariAudio alternativ to activate, so it gives the impression that it simply is not included in this Cubase version(?)

Or, am I missing something?

// Rolf


This is the Track Inspector. Open the Editor Inspector, please.

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(trial, trial, learning cubase… ) :blush:

Hi Track Inspector,

This is Exasperated Trial User (downloaded today). I’ve been searching for hours for Variaudio. I just looked in my Editor Inspector. It’s empty. Nothing in it. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Hi -

Try selecting the audio event so it turns black, then double clicking on the audio event, then the Editor will open, with the Inspector on the left.


Thanks for the response. I had heck of a time getting it to turn black. That didn’t help.

PS: I should mention I own Cubase 7, but I’ve used it very little over the years. So I’m almost a noob. Trying to get back into it.


There is no Audio Event selected.

Maritin, It was suggested I try that. I may have misunderstood.

In this photo I added an arrow pointing to a tab named “Editor”. Is that what I’m suppose to be clicking on? When I open it it’s empty.


You need to add an Audio Event to your project. Press the Record button to record something with your Mic and double click the resulting Audio Event to open the editor.

If you downloaded the “Bloom” content set from the Steinberg Download Assistant, press F5 to open the MediaBay, and search for “Bloom” or “Vocals”. You can drag and drop these samples into your project to give VariAudio a try.


Thank you! I was a able to get it working last night.

I’m just an occasional DAW user and consequently not very good at it. I been reluctant to upgrade because I assumed Cubase 12 would be a lot harder to use than 7, but it actually seems easier. So I think I’ll go for it.