VariAudio MK II anyone..?

What say you… something like this in C7…?

Would you find use for these features.? Don’t think I would.

As I see it, ARA will not be implemented; dev effort/cost to get VariAudio to full Melodyne Editor like capability = too high. So, the facilities seen in the above would seem like an achievable next ‘stage’ of progress…

Don’t get me wrong; I like VariAudio a lot - but I am definitely saving up for Melodyne Editor.

Just a few thoughts, when I saw it on KVR…


Aloha P,


VariAudio is:

1-OK sounding (C+)
2-convenient (A)
3-cheap (A+)

But on this planet, Vari cannot ‘touch’ Melo.

Keep saving. You won’t regret it.


Melodyne really is in a class of its own!

I’d still rather see ARA…

It will probably happen for the more high end products. You really can’t expect to get several tens of thousands of dollars worth of DAW for the buttons charged for Cubase.