Variaudio NO MONITOR SOUND - Help!

cannot get Variaudio to give me any REALTIME monitoring of segments/segment edits. (Changing Notes of an analyzed monophonic sound)

Acoustic Feedback button IS on in the sample editor, to no avail.

what am I missing?

Currently Running 7.0.2

Use the search function…

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your reply. Use the search function in order to what?

Control room on/off?!?

In order to find one of those many threads that have the solution to this “problem”

In preferences (I think it’s Control Room, but may be some other heading) there is an option to ‘Use headphones for Preview’. If you have it set for headphones you will not hear through monitors and vice versa. Maybe that’s it.

^^ Thanks ulesto and marqs.
Solved my issue.