VariAudio not aligning

Hi all,

Did anybody notice to following behaviour.

With the first VariAudio, when I clicked a note and pitched it up or down, it pitched it perfectly on the center of the notebar. Just in the middle. From there, I could pitch it a complete note up or a complete note down.

In short: first step was always to align exactly on the nearest note. Second step was full note up or down.

Now, with VariAudio 2, it always more 1 note up/down, even if it’s ‘off pitch’. It will move to the center of the note, if I use the sliderbar of quantize… Then it aligns it and then I can actually pitch 1 note up/down.

Is this normal behaviour? I have this with all my vocal recordings and I didn’t have it earlier. I can also not find any settings for that. And when I look at this video ( it clearly shows that it’s moving FIRST to the nearest note THEN moves up/down a full note.

Is this just my installation or do more people see this behaviour? Or do I not find that setting yet?

(PS: I know with shift-click I can move up/down in smaller sizes, but that’s not the point here :slight_smile:)

And ofcourse, after posting a topic, I found out that with CTRL-Click it does have the same functionality…

Sorry for bothering this forum! hehe