Variaudio Note Value Not Showing

I’m totally new to Cubase 7.5 after being a lifelong Pro-tools user, so help would be appreciated: Watching a Youtube tutorial i see when the guy zoomed in on a note that had been pitch & warped in Variaudio, you should see the note value and pitch percentage when you place the hand tool over the center of the red note ‘block’. This is not happening for me though. No note value or pitch percentage is displayed.

Cannot find anything in Preferences or the manual.

This is just a nice added feature i would find useful so please if anyone could help me out, i’d be grateful. :smiley:

Unfortunately this very useful readout, has been removed from recent versions.

There is still some detail in the info line at top (if you have it displayed) when you click on a segment, but it is teeny-tiny and dim (lo-contrast). You find yourself bouncing your eyeballs back and forth, between where you are working in the screen and squinting at the info line readout. Horrible.

Though, I find I am using Melodyne a little more these days anyway, so I’m kind of weaning off of VA. Its use of a_sustained_ sound feedback for instance, as you alter/edit the ‘blobs’, is very intuitive and satisfying to work with.

So, you can but hope that the VA ‘missing readout’ is just a technical problem (as to why it was taken out) and that it could return in a future edition - along with some of these other useful workflow additions too…

Please add your voice…!


Cheers Bob for the info. I will defiantly add my voice.

It’s not a deal breaker of a function- but it is visually handy at times, so to take this feature off seems odd to say the least. I am mostly enjoying Cubase to use along-side Pro-tools (i’m tracking in Cubase on my pc and mixing in Pro-tools on the mac- just the way i like things), but i must say one of the most annoying and fiddly things i have found so far on Cubase is the way to add silence up to bar one on tracks ready for export.

With Pro-tools and also Sonar X3 i was using, it’s simply drag the track out in the project window to bar one- as far as i can see from reading the manual and searching the web, you have to draw in silence, then glue it together to the original track, then bounce to tracks to achieve this in Cubase 7.5! What’s that all about? Why Steinberg haven’t made this a simple drag function like most other DAW’s beats me.

Hey FunkyOne335 - You can achieve the same quite quickly in Cubase:-
Move your part(s) on a track forward one bar, then ensure the Left Locator is set to ‘zero’ bar. Your Right Locator can be wherever you want. Next, you can (solo the track and) export to get that ‘extra’ bars silence.

Or, you could use the Range tool (very powerful and quick) to highlight an area/length and use Bounce Selection to get a new file that’s ready in The Pool (audio folder of the project) to import straight into PTools - quicker than drawing/gluing/bouncing etc.

Good luck,

PS:- thanks for the vote on the other thread - they do read this stuff…! Really…!

Bob- you’re a gem! Thankyou for these tips. I’m liking the Range Tool method with Bounce to Selection. I did think the drawing/gluing/bouncing suggestion i read from at least two different people seemed rather laborious and un-elegent.

You’ve just saved me alot of time there. Thank-you kind sir.