VariAudio: Nudge note to be later, but stay the same length?

Hi - I am trying to figure out how to take a note played a little early, make it start on time, but keep the same length. In other words, just shift the entire note a bit to the right, with the (unavoidable?) consequence of lengthening the note before it and shortening the note after it.

I just have not found an easy way do to this correctly, and it’s taking me a zillion mouse clicks to get it done incorrectly (the hard part for me is making sure the early note remains the same duration when it is moved to the right).

Instead of boring you guys with how I’m doing it wrong, can someone who’s done this before please make me wiser?

Please see two attachments …


Same thing/problem here!

Bumping … is there a command to “slide” a VariAudio note?

I asked the same question earlier today, and the answer was, that it’s not possible. Only dragging the edges is possible. Hopefully it will come in future updates

Ah, thanks. Yes, hopefully!

You could of course try snipping around the note and dragging the new audio part along the lane… or use free warp…