variaudio - nudge pitch of segment?

hi all,

i use variaudio quite a bit, and one frustration i have with it is moving the pitch of a segment by a small amount. the sements are usually a little sluggish to respond, and it can be difficult to move it small increments with the mouse.

is there a nudge key command or shortcut or something to do this once the segment is selected? i searched through the key commands section and couldn’t find anything?


Can’t remember off the top of my head but it’s either Ctrl or Shift (or Mac equivalent) and drag.

You mention sluggishness. VA is very heavy on RAM. If you’re running 32-bit good luck(!) but even in 64-bit it can get a little slow, not just with editing but also with playing back events using the speaker icon, etc. The trick is to work in small segments by bouncing your large original file to several new files and tweak those. Once you’ve done it all to your satisfaction, you can bounce the small files out to a single final version if that’s what you want.

It’s all non-destructive and you can always reset all VA changes if you cock it up. :wink:

hi crotchety,

its the dragging with the mouse i’m trying to avoid, especially when moving in small increments. really would like to be able to nudge pitch up or down by 1% with a key command…


Yeah, that would be useful, now you mention it, but I’m afraid I can’t help. I’ll keep an eye on the thread, though, in case you get an answer. Good luck.