VariAudio Pencil Tool? Draw?

I was wondering if anyone has better options for editing notes and creating better curves for vocals in VariAudio?

I’m pretty skilled at making things sound natural, but the interface has always felt clunky to me. The pivot point stuff is kinda lame to be honest. Is there a way to draw like I’d do Autotune’s graphic mode?

I like the pivot point a lot, but as you say, it could be easier to use. So it’s a +1 for some easier editing here!!

And I actually find it much the best feature of Variaudio, and way easier to use than Melodyne for quickly getting a natural controllable slide into tricky notes!! Mind you I haven’t been working on vocals for a little while so Melodyne may have improved their working method since.

I tried the Graphical Mode of Autotune but it was a nightmare for me so I only use the auto mode for pre-production, BVs, and for input into Melodyne on a relaxed setting to save me some time later…

One thing I always had trouble with on Variaudio is that the pitch line between identified notes would end up with spikes in it unless I manually adjusted the edges and pivot point. I could never see why anyone would ever want an audible spike in their tune, perhaps this is sorted in the latest 706 version I wonder… I will find out soon enough because I have a whole live gig to work on right now :smiley: